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Northeast Quadrant Talent Pool

Stand out and be discoveredStand out and be discovered

Interns & Graduates. It's time to be discovered. 

Let's face it. Finding an internship or a graduate role isn't easy. It takes a lot of effort. On average students apply to ten graduate positions and that doesn't even guarantee success. It's a really inefficient process.

There are multiple resources out there to help you find jobs to apply to. But few that are actively used by employers to find YOU.

 "There needs to be a hub or pool where all interns and grads go and potential employers look for them, not the other way around"



Northeast Quadrant Talent Pool

That's where our Talent Pool comes in. We've adopted the latest technology to make it easy for employers to find the right students. They do the searching. They apply their own criteria to find the best fit students. Then review student details to decide who to contact for an interview. 

Our Talent Pool is powered by GradSift technology. It's already widely used by leading Government and corporate graduate employers as well as small business. It replicates a resume review and enables employers to objectively evaluate hundreds or thousands of students, yet still apply their own judgement to shortlist. They love it because they consistently see greater diversity among the students they hire.

Students and Graduates

As a student you register an account at You'll be prompted for a Program Code. It's  81532172. It links you to the Northeast Quadrant Talent Pool.

Once registered you create a profile with preferred roles, add your resume and a short, self-recorded video (optional). That's all. In ten minutes. When your details come up in an employer's search results, they reach out to you directly. 

Flip Student Job Search on its Head

Let employers come to you. Be discovered by small employers right through to the biggest government and corporate organisations. 



Talent Pool is a simple but effective alternative to direct job applications. Yes, employers will still advertise intern and graduate programs because of the volume of roles. But outside of those campaigns, it's much easier for them to find you via the Talent Pool.


Register with the Program Code 81532172 

Talent Pool Pool



Who can register for the Talent Pool?

Local and international university students from first year through to recent graduates. Of course, it's 100% free for students and at any time a student can update or delete their details.

Should I still apply for jobs the traditional way?

Yes. Talent Pools will never replace employers advertising grad or intern programs. But they are increasingly a popular way for employers to quickly find the right students without advertising and going through hundreds or thousands of applications.

What type of employer uses the Northeast Quadrant Talent Pool?

A mix of large commercial and government organisations who are used to hiring students and graduates, along with smaller employers. 

How likely am I to get a job?

There are no guarantees. But if ten minutes of your time gets you into the mix, we think that's a smart investment. With over twenty years in graduate recruitment we are able to directly promote our Talent Pool to hundreds of employers.

What data does an employer see?

They can view your resume, video if you recorded one, your profile and contact details (email and mobile). Employers are vetted and registered and are bound by our data privacy policy.

How does an employer contact me?

They will either email you directly or call you. The relationship is solely between you and the employer.

What if I'm not interested in a job with an employer? 

An employer reaches out to share with you details of the job and their organisation. If it's not of interest, just politely decline. They understand that may happen.

How do I complete a profile or share a video?

Once you login you'll find a full user guide with simple instructions.

I've accepted a job. How do I opt-out from the Talent Pool?

Log back in to Under My Programs select the Northeast Quadrant Talent Pool and delete. Your details are no longer visible in that Talent Pool. This also acts to PAUSE your participation in the Talent Pool. You can permanently delete your GradSift Extra account using the REMOVE ACCOUNT function.

What's the Program Code for Northeast Quadrant Talent Pool?



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