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What are the most frequent career development issues raised by young professionals?


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Internship Programs

Internships vary widely.

  • Employer internships can range from 8 weeks to a year. These are full-time paid positions where the employer hires the student directly.
  • University sponsored internship placements, which can be paid or unpaid.
  • Volunteer internships. These are now less common due to changes in the Federal Government FairWork Act.
  • Internship programs offered by training organisations. These combine structured training and three months unpaid work experience. However, students pay to participate in these programs.

Internships used to be a source of competitive advantage for students seeking a graduate job. Employers recognised the initiative and talent demonstrated by students who gained internships. However, the proliferation of internships has weakened their indication of high calibre candidates.  But you still need to complete an internship!