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What are the most frequent career development issues raised by young professionals?


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Northeast Quadrant has been a leader in graduate recruitment for more than 15 years. We know what it’s like to be searching for your first graduate job. And it’s not just a job – it’s the start of your career, so the choice you make is very important.

Graduate Jobs

Northeast Quadrant only works with reputable organisations that offer genuine graduate positions supported by a graduate development program. Some employers offer a rotational graduate program while others develop their graduates through a functional career path.

You can apply directly for graduate jobs that Northeast Quadrant advertises or you can register your details to be considered for graduate roles as they become available.

How to Find Graduate Jobs

Aside from Northeast Quadrant where else can you find out about graduate positions? Employers most commonly advertise through their own websites, university careers job boards and sometimes on Seek. They also use specialist job boards and online marketers such as Grad Connections. University career fairs run during March and April each year. But if you miss those, there are still many more opportunities through the balance of the year.

What Employers Look For

Like Northeast Quadrant's employers, most graduate employers have similar minimum requirements of graduates. Academically, a credit average grade is the standard. This can be an indicator of your ability to solve problems.

Evidence of teamwork is also important. Investment banking is one of the exceptions where the emphasis is more on what you as an individual can bring to the bank.

Initiative or the ability to set and achieve stretching goals is a common requirement across all employers.

Communication skills are vital – oral and written. There are some employers who immediately reject graduate applicants if there are more than two grammatical errors in their application. The most common reason for a graduate to be unsuccessful in an application is because of weak communication skills.

Taking the time to tailor your application to the role you’re applying for is a must.

Graduate Testing

Nearly all employers put graduates through online testing. This might cover verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract thinking and a motivation assessment. If you have never done any of these tests it makes sense to practice.


How Can I Make It Through the Graduate Application Process?

This is a good question! When you stop and consider the amount of time you invest in a graduate application it makes sense to be armed with the best knowledge for success. This is what Peter Pychtin has done using his industry insider knowledge by creating a series of video lectures to help graduates. It's called the 12 Hurdles because employers use those 12 hurdles to screen out applicants. Why? Because they're time poor when it comes to screening potentially thousands of applications and it's easier for the employer. But for a graduate, miss one of the hurdles and you're out!

Special FREE offer to Northeast Quadrant candidates. Free and full access to the program including work around solutions to job application weaknesses.

Here are some testimonials.

"As an upcoming graduate, the recruitment process is something I haven't been looking forward to. However, armed with knowledge of the 12 hurdles gained through your course, I'm confident that navigating the path to a graduate job will be a lot less daunting." TD 

"Very informative and comprehensive, absolutely liked the way Peter presents and contextualises the content. However, I think there is more (potentially the ugly face of the Australian job market; e.g., name/race discrimination) that remains unexplained, and that is my view from my disheartening personal experience." SN