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Sourcing High Potential F&A Analysts

Posted 19/9/2016

How to source high potential F&A analysts; Candidate market continues to tighten; Fast, simple high volume screening is coming; Power of collaboration and referrals.

High Potential F&A Analysts

Prior to recruitment my background was in corporate finance & accounting, in global FMCG. That experience enabled me to really discern between a high performance, high potential F&A and a middle-of-the road performer. There are plenty of the latter which are good for steady-as-you-go roles. But the high potential candidates are rarer and not all recruiters can tell the two apart.

I’ve always taken a personal interest in high potential F&A candidates and remain actively connected with alumni and networks. So if your organisation needs a high performance, high potential F&A candidate, from an Analyst to a Controller, just let me know.

Candidate Market Continues to Tighten

Adding to my July blog,  the demand for candidates continues to strengthen across most disciplines. This is backed up by employers and agency peers. And it’s at all levels. If your organisation is finding it harder to recruit the right people you’re not alone. It’s reflected in a marked lift in the number of jobs outsourced to agencies by employer in-house recruitment teams.

Fast, Simple High Volume Applicant Screening

The biggest pain point for graduate employers is screening 1,000+ applicants. ATS recruitment software is a cumbersome tool for this purpose. So employers resort to expensive online cognitive tests to cull to a “manageable” number, or set arbitrary cut-offs, or endure laborious manual screening.

But a solution is coming.  We are well advanced in the development of a graduate attribute algorithm to enable simple, fast and cost-effective screening. It draws on more than 15 years local and international graduate screening experience across multiple sectors and disciplines. More to come!

The Power of Referrals

Over the past six months the bulk of new Northeast Quadrant clients has come through referral. Mostly from managers who have dealt with us in the past and have moved on to other organisations. And that’s not always a year or so later. It included one new client where we had last worked with the referring manager seven years ago. I’d like to think that’s the power of a consistent brand story – sourcing high calibre graduates and young professionals. Referral also beats a cold call any day!

Collaboration Yields Great Results

Northeast Quadrant has been a member for 13 years of a global recruitment agency network called NPAWorldwide. The network facilitates collaboration between likeminded agencies to draw upon our collective resources to fill client openings.

If we don’t have the right candidate for a role, other members within the network may. They source the candidate but we still qualify the candidate through our standard interview process, subsequently managing the candidate and client processes. The benefit for clients is accessing a “behind the scenes” wider talent pool.

There are 90 agencies across A/NZ and 500 globally with different specialisations. If you have a difficult role to fill I’m sure I can refer you to a “high integrity” agency owner who can help.