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Robotics Engineers Transforming Manufacturing

Posted 12/9/2017

I’ve just placed some super talented robotics engineering graduates who will be helping to transform manufacturing processes across Australia. The talent, skills and passion these engineers bring are fantastic.

And the employer is just as good. While they sell very affordable collaborative robots to manufacturers they also provide the set-up, configuration and maintenance of their operation. The manufacturer doesn’t need to do anything, other than to bank the efficiency savings.

These are latest generation robots, standing less than a metre tall. They can be positioned anywhere – upside down, sideways etc and then it’s easy to relocate them for a different use. These small robots will transform manufacturing. If you imagine a typical production line it’s set at a height that’s appropriate for human workers. Yet, using robots, that’s no longer a requirement. That’s just one example of how it can turn an existing paradigm on its head.