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Peter Pychtin, Senior F&A Recruitment Specialisation

Posted 29/6/2017

While Northeast Quadrant’s specialisation has always been high calibre, young professionals (and remains so), over the past two years I have personally taken on more senior Finance & Accounting search and recruitment. So, I thought I’d give a plug for that part of the business.

My corporate background was as a senior Finance executive with global and ASX listed companies, so I understand F&A.

But it’s my broader commercial knowledge that sets me apart in targeting and recruiting senior F&A managers and executives. I build trusted relationships stemming from my own F&A experience, mentor programs that I deliver to mid and senior level managers and through an in-depth understanding of Gen Y, the future leaders of organisations. That understanding and empathy, I like to think, delivers much better outcomes for clients and candidates.

What are the skills of F&A that are in high demand right now?

Influencing skills
F&A is traditionally a strong technical function. Most are in their comfort zone working with data from management information systems.

But the skill that is most in demand is influencing, stretching beyond the comfort zone. Influencing to initiate change, to gain collaboration or to win support for ideas and recommendations. That takes a talented person with well-developed interpersonal skills.

Data analytics
For many organisations this is still emerging. But I have worked with organisations who have embraced it and the results have been very impressive. Analytics are driving business changes and financial performance. Business managers can’t argue with the data. And it’s staggering to see obvious and simple ways to improve the business.

Data analytics isn’t necessarily the domain of F&A but someone who spans both areas, is in demand.    

Business partnering / strategic capabilities
The need for F&A as a business partner has always been there. But the results remain mixed. A good business partner has strong influencing skills, is respected for their judgement and understands the business drivers. Many F&A managers score two out of three.

When Corporate Governance Goes Wrong
Good corporate governance and compliance is a mandatory responsibility of F&A. It’s too easy for it to be taken for granted until things go wrong.

How about an overstatement of revenue by $450mn over 5 years? That’s what happened at Fuji Xerox Australia and New Zealand. Ouch! Read the story at the Australian Financial Review.
Recruiting Talented Senior F&A
When employers advertise for an F&A position, at any level, there is no shortage of applications. You can be lucky but the quality and organisational fit are usually way off.

An effective search, through established networks or an open market search, needs genuine F&A recruitment expertise. That’s where I add value.

Of course, Northeast Quadrant continues to be a leader in high potential, high performance graduates and early career professionals. But now, offers a more senior F&A specialisation delivered by Peter Pychtin.