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Candidate Attraction Insights

Posted 13/7/2016

Here is an update on the graduate and young professional recruitment market including Supply & Demand; Candidate Attraction; Candidates Researching Employers; and Insights to the Internal Recruitment Function.

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Is Your Numerical Reasoning Benchmark Valid?

Posted 18/4/2016

To cope with the large volume of applications many graduate employers use numerical reasoning (and other online assessments) at an early stage of the assessment process. It’s an efficient tool to cull applicants and the theory is that those who perform better in testing will perform better in a new job.

We decided to go back over data from past graduate programs to see if there were any insights we could share. 

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Employers Tell What Their Challenges Are in Recruiting Graduates

Posted 12/1/2016

I chair an employer advisory board to the business faculty of a leading university. It’s always interesting to hear about the challenges employers face in recruiting graduates and the steps universities are taking to help their graduates become employable.

Here are some insights from our meetings.

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Digital Disruption - Runaway Freight Train Coming To You

Posted 19/11/2015

northeast quadrant

Digital disruption. We hear about it constantly and how traditional business models are threatened and are being transformed. And that flows through to employees of those businesses and the jobs they have, or did have.

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Candidate Experience Journey

Posted 22/9/2015

What is it like for a candidate to go through the recruitment process with your organisation? Is it good, bad, or ugly?

The candidate experience journey is a concept and methodology lifted from the “customer experience journey”, whereby organisations map each of the touch points customers have with the organisation and its products and services. The idea is to capture and measure customer experience at each touch point to evaluate the overall customer experience. That then becomes the platform to identify ways to enhance the experience, improve customer satisfaction and hopefully increase sales. It’s a customer centric philosophy.

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How HR Can Deliver Real Competitive Advantage

Posted 5/8/2015

Ever ask yourself how HR can deliver immediate competitive advantage to the business? Imagine a world where your company’s internal recruiters used LinkedIn to poach competitors’ employees.  But your HR Head has convinced your staff to remove their profiles from LinkedIn exactly because it gives your organisation competitive advantage. 

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Digital Communities Are the New Candidate Pipeline

Posted 10/6/2015

The days of using a database to manage candidate pipelines is fading fast
.  Online applicant tracking systems are fine for managing current job applications. But as a tool to manage a “pipeline of talent” for future roles, they have had limited success. There is only so long a candidate will sit on the bench waiting for a call up and it’s likely that within six months the candidate will have changed employers.

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"Previous Applicants Need Not Apply" is Damaging Your Brand

Posted 7/5/2015

Previous Applicants Need Not Apply. That’s a statement seen often enough at the end of job advertisements. 

The employer / recruiter has already been to the market with advertising. And of course we assume they have been to their “warm candidate bench”, searched online and on their database, used LinkedIn groups, forums and InMails, made headhunting calls, etc but still come up empty.  

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Employer Demand for Graduates Continues to Build

Posted 30/3/2015

We have seen this across all functions including Engineering, IT, Sales and Marketing. 

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Is the Recruitment Process Coming Full Circle?

Posted 30/3/2015

We are also seeing more employers turning to recruitment agencies for specialist roles or where time-to-fill is critical. It appears that employers are shifting their thinking about internal recruitment and that it is not just about cost savings. 

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