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What are the most frequent career development issues raised by young professionals?


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Takeaways from Graduate Recruitment Conference

Posted 30/10/2017

Last week I was able to make it to the second day of the annual conference of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE). Here are some of my takeaways.

What Hasn’t Changed in Graduate Recruitment

In my 20 years of graduate recruitment some things haven’t changed. The first didn’t surprise me but the other two left me shaking my head.

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Robotics Engineers Transforming Manufacturing

Posted 12/9/2017

I’ve just placed some super talented robotics engineering graduates who will be helping to transform manufacturing processes across Australia. The talent, skills and passion these engineers bring are fantastic.

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What's Wrong with High Volume Graduate Screening?

Posted 14/8/2017

The consistent challenge faced by graduate recruiters has remained how to screen large volumes of applications to a “manageable” size, which allows for meaningful assessment. Shotgun marketing encourages too many applications. So what tools do employers use to perform initial screening?

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Best Source for Hiring?

Posted 2/8/2017

Some interesting stats on sources of hire. The original report came from the HR services group SilkRoad with comments from HR guru Tim Sackett. It’s US data but I suspect the insights will be similar for Australia.

The answer - Employee Referrals! But the most efficient source? External Recruiter.

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Peter Pychtin, Senior F&A Recruitment Specialisation

Posted 29/6/2017

While Northeast Quadrant’s specialisation has always been high calibre, young professionals (and remains so), over the past two years I have personally taken on more senior Finance & Accounting search and recruitment. So, I thought I’d give a plug for that part of the business.

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Millennial vs Gen X - Profile of Young Professionals

Posted 1/5/2017

In March, I attended a recruitment conference in the US where I presented a session sharing insights into millennial candidates. They’re young professionals born from 1985, so up to age 32, which fits with Northeast Quadrant’s target market.

In preparation, I found one of my presentations from 2005, which provided a snapshot of Gen X, the young professionals of that time. It proved an interesting comparison.

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Sourcing Millennials

Posted 19/1/2017

There has been recent global press about the sense of entitlement of millennial employees (born after 1986) and how employers should manage them.But we share some insights in how to source these candidates.

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Seek, Indeed and LinkedIn

Posted 26/10/2016

 From time to time, I’m asked for my views on how effective recruiters find candidate sourcing tools such as Seek, LinkedIn, Indeed and other resources. Typically, the requests are from banking investment analysts who want to understand the recruiter experience using those tools.


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Making a Career Switch

Posted 17/10/2016

Here is the scenario. The professional usually has 5 to 10 years experience and has performed well in their field. But they realize that’s not what they’re passionate about. So they complete a Masters degree. But when they go job hunting armed with this new degree they hit a wall. Employers won’t consider them because they don’t have practical experience in that new field.

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Sourcing High Potential F&A Analysts

Posted 19/9/2016

How to source high potential F&A analysts; Candidate market continues to tighten; Fast, simple high volume screening is coming; Power of collaboration and referrals.

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