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 Individuals who register as Candidates/Applicants/Students/Graduates are herein referred to as Applicants.  

As an applicant of Northeast Quadrant you will be asked to provide us with your personal data. Such data may include your name, address, contact details, race or ethnicity, employment details, or any other personal information and may include other sensitive data. By proceeding as an applicant of Northeast Quadrant, you hereby consent to us collecting, using and transferring personal data (including, if required, sensitive data) about you.

The personal data we collect about you will be used for the purpose of Northeast Quadrant and its clients (including but not limited to employers and employment agencies) considering your potential employment. If you do not provide the requisite personal data, this may impact our or a client’s ability to assess your suitability for the relevant position. Your data will be retained until such time it is no longer required. If you object to your personal details being retained for future consideration you can delete your information. To do so, email with your name, registered email address and request to delete all of your records. We will advise you as soon as that is done. 

Your data may also be used for statistical purposes (for example for ensuring equal opportunities), administration, benchmarking or otherwise. By proceeding to become an applicant of Northeast Quadrant, you consent to the use of your personal information (including, if required, sensitive information) in this manner.

Northeast Quadrant will not sell, trade, give or rent any personally identifiable information obtained from applicants or clients to a third party without your consent.

Our use of your personal data may require the transfer of your personal data and sensitive personal data outside the country in which the application is submitted (including, if you are located within the European Economic Area ("EEA"), to countries outside of the EEA) and you hereby consent to such transfers.

Please note that information shared between you and Northeast Quadrant is transmitted by the internet and that information may be viewed by an unauthorised third party during transmission. In particular as any email may pass through non-secure channels you acknowledge the risks inherent in this means of communication and you authorise Northeast Quadrant to reply to your email using the email address supplied by you.

Northeast Quadrant takes all action to comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988. Northeast Quadrant has a Data Breach Response Plan to report eligible data breaches to authorities, applicants and members of the public if it believes or is aware that data has been compromised.

For further information or inquiries about our Privacy Policy please email